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Complete these steps to apply for a voucher:

Note: Please leave the Student ID section blank.

Kenzie Academy
Career Choice

There are limited spots and vouchers, approved on a first-come, first-served basis. We encourage you to apply for the program and your voucher (if you’re accepted) as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

How to Apply & Get Tuition Assistance


Complete these steps to enroll:

  1. Apply to Kenzie Academy
  2. Complete a 30-minute interview with an Admissions Counselor
  3. Complete an online Skills Check
  4. Submit your payment request for your program with Amazon

Complete these steps on the Career Choice website to sign up for a Kenzie Academy program:

  1. Visit amazoncareerchoice.com
  2. Search for the school name (Kenzie Academy)
  3. Click "view available programs at this school"
  4. Click on the proper career name to see a dropdown of programs available
  5. Find the proper program
  6. Click "request tuition payment" in the program tile
  7. Verify the start and end dates for the program
  8. E-sign the release
  9. Click "request payment"
  1. Visit amazoncareerchoice.com
  2. Choose program track: Pathways
  3. Select Start Application
  4. Read the Pre-Application Checklist and requirements
  5. Select a field of study: Information Technology
  6. Select the career: Web Developer, Java Foundations, or
  7. Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  8. Select the school: Kenzie Academy
  9. Select the state/province where you currently live
  10. Select the academic program: [Site ID] Associate Front End
  11. Web Development, Java Foundations, or Cybersecurity
  12. Fundamentals
  13. Enter the confirmation code: XXXXXXXX
  14. Verify program dates:
    • Start date: Month, date, year
    • End date: Month, date, year
  15. Submit application
  16. E-sign voucher and send your voucher to careerchoice@kenzie.academy

You must have $5,250 available in your Career Choice account to participate and cover the program cost. You can check your total tuition eligibility at amazoncareerchoice.com. Your tuition total will be visible on the Career Choice homepage.

If your fulfillment center site is not listed on the Career Choice website, select “not listed.”

If you have any questions about tuition and during the application process, contact C.J. Franklin at 


Do you like developing the next generation of software applications? Do you enjoy working with users and multiple stakeholders? Do you enjoy taking complex problems and coming up with simple and elegant solutions? Then Kenzie Academy could be for you.

Kenzie Academy
Career Choice

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